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There is no stronger drive than the passion and the focus on the goal.


We are convinced that a clever use of video technology in training, competition or events leads to a better performance of athletes and greater satisfaction, enhanced experience and enjoyment for athletes, coaches and spectators.

We are committed to contributing to a video technology that is not only used in top-class sport but to an increasing extent also in the area of young talent and leisure sport. We want more people in sports to benefit from the advantages of video feedback.


KITRIS is a Swiss sports technology company with international orientation.

We develop and distribute livestream and video analysis solutions for young talents, school sports, leisure sports and professional sports.

KITRIS Sports - Schweizer Sporttechnologie Unternehmen


2021 - Livestream Plug&Play

Development and launch of the simplest and most affordable livestream solution for sports event organisers. We combine the plug-and-play idea with a clever cloud solution for operation.

2020 - Across the borders

International launch of the video analysis solution "KITRIS Video Assistant" in spring 2020

Target groups:
Athletes, coaches, academies, clubs, sports facilities, organizers

Video Feedback around the world
Video Feedback around the world

2019 - All sports

Video Feedback Software for all sports
Video Feedback Software for all sports

Shift of activity to video analysis in all sports. Development of an intuitive to use video software with the goal to provide more frequent and efficient video feedbacks for all interested parties.

2018 - Video match analysis

Launch of a unique video match analysis system for tennis by combining recorded data with video recordings.

Mobile video match analysis in tennis
Mobile video match analysis in tennis

2010 to 2017 - data tracking

First company worldwide with ITF Approval
First company worldwide with ITF Approval
First company worldwide with ITF Approval
First company worldwide with ITF Approval

Development and distribution of a system for individual data tracking and data analysis in tennis. 

First company worldwide to receive ITF (International Tennis Federation) certification for a product in the field of player analysis technology. 

Press Release ITF from 13.11.2013 


Our team includes entrepreneurs, coaches, sports scientists, software engineers, usability specialists and bright minds when it comes to digital challenges and hardware development for daily use.

We are supported by many partner companies in various areas.

Christian Züger

I aim to support committed people in the sports field to reach their full potential.


Lawyer University of Zurich
Tennis Coach
Consultant for Communication

Christian Züger
Christian Züger
Founder and CEO KITRIS
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