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KITRIS Scoring

for all tennis and padel tournaments

KITRIS Scoring App

Our scoring app is designed for organisers of tennis and padel tournaments.

Depending on the situation, scoring method and tournament, the app can be operated by chair umpires, standby referees, third parties or the players themselves. The players use the scoring solution in game scoring mode while change over .

The app supports all known rules and can be used in singles and doubles for point or game scoring.

Selfscoring by players

KITRIS Scoring - Selfscoring by Players

Scoring by standby referees

KITRIS Scoring - Scoring by Standby Referee

Chair Umpire App

KITRIS Scoring - Scoring durch Stuhlschiedsrichter

Scoring of multiple courts

KITRIS Scoring - Simultaneously on multiple courts

Display of livescore

The livescore is used for various purposes.

  • Livescore on our platform
  • Livescore on monitors of tournament organisers
  • Livescore on LED walls / score displays on the court
  • Livescore embedded in the livestream

Livescore of matches

KITRIS Livescore Tennis Matches

Scores of team competition

KITRIS Livescore - Team-Scores

Combination with livestream

Our app is often used in combination with the livestream and video service, but can also be used exclusively for scoring.

Requirements for use

A QR code is required to use the app. This is linked to a valid KITRIS scoring licence.

Please contact us by e-mail or web form for questions and quotes.

Questions about the scoring app?

Please let us know what you would like to know so that we can advise you specifically. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

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After sending your enquiry, you will receive an immediate confirmation by e-mail.

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