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Live scoring by players or chair umpires
Live streaming with a just a single click
Match Video
Match videos for players, parents and coaches
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Sharing Emotions

Key moments decide about to be or not to be.

So we take care of the key moments and have the tailor-made livestreaming and video analysis solution ready for you.

Key moments are often the crucial moments in an athlete's career that point the way to further development. There are not only the big key moments in competitions, but also the many small ones in daily training or in leisure sports, which influence and enrich life.

Why is it difficult to capture key moments?

Because a key moment does not announce itself and is therefore often missed on video. 

Permanent Recording & easy Highlighting

We combine permanent recording with simple highlighting of key moments via remote control, buzzer or touch monitor.

Live streaming

We offer the simplest and most affordable livestream solution for sports event organisers. We combine the plug-and-play idea with a clever cloud solution for operation.

The ultimate livestreaming and video recording solution in sports.

KITRIS Video Assistant
KITRIS Video Assistant

Are you an athlete, coach, head of a sports academy, responsible person of a club, manager of a sports facility or sports hotel or host of sports events?

Are you looking for a way to enrich your everyday life in order to increase the attractiveness and benefits by using video? Great, we have the ultimate video highlight with intuitive operation via touch or remote control and immediately available video replays on the sports field and in the cloud. Including streaming to the Internet with just one click.

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