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KITRIS Realive

All you need to know about the product

3in1 product KITRIS Realive

Livestream for event organisers

The simplest and most affordable livestream solution for organisers of tennis tournaments and other sporting events. It is operated via a web interface. Features such as result display and advertising can be used if desired.

Video recording for everyone

Permanently installed video recording solution for tennis and padel clubs and all other sports. The video system is operated directly by the user with the mobile phone. Highlights are recorded with a buzzer. The videos are stored directly in the user account on the cloud and are available to the user for a fee.

Video analysis for coaches

Coaches use the coaching solution directly on the sports field with their smartphone or any other internet-enabled device. Important moments can be marked directly on the court using a smartphone or buzzer and analysed with the athletes. The coach does not have to worry about the camera or other hardware, but always remains focused on the athlete. If necessary, he can call on visual assistance at any time.


Our origins lie in tennis and we are still very active in tennis today. But our solution is just as suitable for all other sports with ball and racket as well as many other sports.

Livestream Plug&Play for sports events

KITRIS Video Assistant -  für 2 Spielfelder

The KITRIS Realive solution is an economically and technically sophisticated plug & play product. Any court caretaker without prior knowledge can quickly equip a court with it. One camera per court, a single cable and the Realive Box with all computer and network components. On top of that, a sophisticated cloud solution that can be operated from any device, and the live court is ready to go. Advertising and results are displayed via the cloud.

Each match is available to players, coaches and interested parties immediately after the match for analysis and processing. The "cost per use" principle applies. Those who want the video pay for it. The organiser participates in the sale of videos as well as in advertising revenues through advertising partners and the livestreaming revenues.

The infrastructure can be rented or bought by the organiser. Since the purchase price is low from € 2,500, it is worth buying for those who have more than one event per year. All the more so because the fixed installation is always available to all club members as an automatic video recording tool.

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