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Video highlight in padel sport

How to make an attractive sport even more attractive.

Buzzer Your Highlights

Key moments are unique and cannot be replayed. So keep them in your video cloud forever!

Do it yourself

The KITRIS video solution can be used immediately by every player without any previous knowledge and does not require any additional effort from the manager at the padel centre.

100% efficiency - 100% fun - 100% success

1. start recording at the touch screen.
2. buzzer your highlights.
3. stop recording.
4. upload video highlights.
5. analyse, edit and share videoclips online.
6. have the best padel moments any time and everywhere ready.


Our Video Assistant solution enables padel centre owners to offer an attractive and differentiating proposition to their customers.

Without a fixed camera installation outside the padel court, it is hardly possible to make good video recordings in padel sports. The video system must therefore be provided by the padel centre owner.

Both padel players and the padel centre operator should profit from this.

Benefits for padel centre managers

1. more bookings due to increased attractiveness.
2. advertising by customers for customers by sharing videos.
3. additional revenue through advertising videos in front of the videoclips.
4. additional income through paid use of the video system.
5. professionalisation of coaching through instant video analysis.
6. live streaming of events.
7. image of a modern and professional padel centre.

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Functionality and components

The camera is located at the front of the court. The output and control unit and the PC are placed in a suitable location near the court. The buzzer is fixed on the net post.

Installation is extremely simple and can be carried out by the owner or a specialist on site.

A good internet connection is required for smooth operation.


IP camera

4MP IP camera with wide angle and connection box.


Fully pre-configured Windows computer with automatic on/off times and remote access for authorised persons.

Video Output and operating unit

The video output and control unit is used for autonomous operation of the system by players and coaches and for instant video analysis of sessions.


Buzzering is a lot of fun! But buzzing also acts as a way of capturing the highlights. A replay marker is set in the video.

VAS - KITRIS Video Assistant Software

VAS - Video Assistant Software

Fully touch-optimised video analysis and live streaming software, developed for use on and off the sports field. Immediately usable without prior knowledge for athletes, coaches and organisers.

VA Cloud - the personal video account

A personal video account in the KITRIS Cloud is automatically generated the first time a user uploads a video. It is free of charge and linked to the user's mobile number. Access is password protected.

It can be accessed from any device via the browser. Many functions are available such as zooming, slow motion, video editing and sharing and much more.


Attractive prices for an attractive solution

One-off initial costs and subscriptions


The costs consist of one-off investment costs and annual subscription costs. The installation is usually carried out by the customer on site.

The system is fully scalable, from a one-court solution to a multi-court solution with live streaming and digital signage offerings in the spectator and catering areas.

1-court solution Padel

Camera, computer, buzzer, output unit, PoE switch
PLUG & PLAY - Pre-configured and ready to use
 € 3,490

Multi-court solution Padel

Individual multi-court solution with additional options.

Note on one-off investment costs

The system is delivered fully pre-configured and tested. Installation on site is carried out by the customer or by a specialist appointed by the customer (e.g. electrician). KITRIS supports the installation with appropriate documents and remote support.

On request, installation and commissioning in Switzerland can be carried out entirely by KITRIS.

All prices excl. VAT and shipping costs.


Our subscriptions are tailored to the different needs of the target groups. For the professional operation of a padel centre, we recommend one of the Pro subscriptions.


All recording and analysis features. Unlimited number of video cloud accounts. Placement of promotional videos in front of all videos recorded on your system.

89.- per month

Notes on subscriptions

A software subscription entitles the user to install and operate the software on one computer.

Subscriptions are billed in advance for 12 months.

Subscriptions end without notice if the invoice for the following period is not paid.

All prices excl. VAT.

Triple benefit thanks to KITRIS

"We benefit in three ways! Firstly, the players can analyse the matches themselves and thus improve their technique and tactics or simply share the most spectacular rallies with their friends. Secondly, our coaches can videotape the training sessions and instantly analyse them together with the players. Thirdly, we can stream matches live."


Reto Scartazzini

Centre Manager
PDL Centre Zürich, Schweiz

Get ready - NOW 

Contact us today and buzzer your centre's video highlights tomorrow!

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